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Wedding Car Rental: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Decide

Wedding car rental is one of those important details that add a special sparkle to your big day. This will not only ensure that you arrive at your destination in style and comfort, but will also become a memorable part of your wedding photo album. In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know before you decide to rent a wedding car, from the different styles and prices to decoration and rental terms. Without further ado, let's get straight to the point.

Different Types and Styles of Wedding Car

A wedding is one of life's most special events, and wedding car rental is an important part of that day. When choosing the right vehicle, there are many different styles and types to choose from. Here's an overview of some popular options:

  1. Classic and vintage cars:
    • If you dream of a historic and romantic wedding, then classic or vintage cars are the perfect choice. These vehicles evoke the elegance of the past and give weddings a timeless feel. Examples: Rolls-Royce, Bentley or old Fords.
  2. Luxury and modern vehicles:
    • For those who prefer a modern approach and want high technology and comfort from a wedding car, luxury cars are ideal. These cars add a modern and chic element to the wedding. Examples: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or Tesla.
  3. Limousines:
    • Limousines are a traditional choice for weddings, offering both elegance and practicality when transporting a larger group. Limousines are available in a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring that the bride and groom and their guests can enjoy a luxurious ride.
  4. Special vehicles:
    • If you want something truly unique, consider renting more special vehicles. Maybe you're dreaming of an SUV, a convertible, or even a motorcycle—the options are endless! Examples: a VW motorhome, a Harley Davidson motorcycle or even a horse-drawn carriage.

When renting, it's important to think about which vehicle best suits your wedding style and budget. Regardless of the choice, the right wedding car will ensure that your special day is even more memorable.

Rental Price

pulmaauto rent

Rentals are often one of the most important elements in a wedding budget. However, the rental price can vary due to several factors. Here are some key aspects to consider to understand how the price is formed:

  1. Car type and model:
    • The first and probably the most obvious factor is the type and model of the car itself. Classic and vintage cars can be more expensive than more modern vehicles because they are rarer and more difficult to maintain.
  2. Rental duration:
    • Some providers offer hourly pricing, while others offer all-day or even weekend pricing. The longer the rental duration, the higher the total price, but the hourly price is usually lower.
  3. Additional services:
    • The rental price may also include additional services such as a driver, car decoration, drinks in the car and much more. These additional services can affect the total price, so it's important to know what your package includes.
  4. Fuel and kilometers:
    • Some rental companies may add a mileage fee or require that the car be returned with the same level of fuel it was delivered with. This can be a significant cost item, especially if the wedding party location is a long distance away.
  5. Insurance:
    • Although most rental companies include basic insurance, additional insurance may be offered. This may add to the rental price, but it provides peace of mind in emergency situations.

Several factors affect the rental price, so it is important to do thorough preliminary work and ask for clear quotes. It is wise to plan the budget realistically so that everything is smooth and stress-free on the wedding day.

Regardless of your choice, make sure you are aware of any hidden costs and extras to avoid unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Rental Conditions and Contracts


When renting, it is important to understand the rental terms and contracts. This ensures that the wedding day goes without any unexpected problems and that both parties – the service provider and the client – ​​are protected. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Contract duration:
    • Find out how long the car will be available to you - whether it's by the hour, by the day or by the weekend. Also, find out if the contract specifies a specific time for returning the car and what the late fees are.
  2. Mileage restrictions:
    • Some rental companies set a certain mileage that can be covered when renting a car. It is important to make sure your planned route falls within these limits to avoid additional charges.
  3. Insurance protection:
    • Most wedding car rental companies offer insurance, but it's important to know what damages are covered and what deductibles may be required. Some companies may also offer additional insurance at an additional cost.
  4. Cancellation and Modification Policy:
    • Changing the date or time of the wedding is rare, but possible. Therefore, it is important to understand if and when you can change or cancel your booking and what the costs or fees will be.
  5. Additional costs and fees:
    • Make sure you are aware of any additional costs such as fuel, decorations, accessories or special requests. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises when submitting the invoice.
  6. Car condition and inspection:
    • Before renting a car, you should inspect the car with the service provider to find out if the vehicle has any pre-existing damage. This way you can avoid possible disputes when returning.

Understanding the rental terms and conditions is essential when renting a car. This ensures that your special day runs smoothly and without any surprises or extra costs. Before signing, always read the contract carefully and ask questions so that everything is clear and understandable to you.

What to Consider About a Driver and Service


When renting a car, it is not only the choice of the vehicle that is important, but also the service you receive. Here are some aspects to consider when focusing on the driver and service:

  1. Driver's experience and skills:
    • An experienced driver is able to handle a variety of situations, from traffic jams to complex parking situations. Make sure the car rental service you choose offers an experienced and reliable driver.
  2. Clothing and Etiquette:
    • A good driver is not only skilled behind the wheel, but also represents himself and the rental company in a stylish and professional manner. Find out how the driver dresses and what etiquette requirements the company sets.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability:
    • Wedding days can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is important that the driver is flexible to adapt to changes such as schedule changes or unexpected guests.
  4. Communication and cooperation:
    • Clear and efficient communication with the driver ensures that everything runs smoothly. Make sure the driver is aware of your schedule and all important locations.
  5. Additional services:
    • Some wedding car rental companies offer additional driver services, such as door opening, drinks in the car or even assisting photographers. Find out what extras are available and how they affect the total cost.
  6. Feedback and reviews:
    • Read about previous customers reviews about the driver and the service. Customer feedback can provide a good insight into the quality of the service and what to expect.

A quality selection of drivers and service ensures that your day runs smoothly and is memorable. Invest the time to find the right service and communicate with the driver in advance to make sure all your needs and wants are taken care of.

Wedding Car Decoration

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Decorating your wedding car is a tradition that adds personality and sparkle to your special day. Whether it's simple flowers, elegant fabric or playful elements, decorating your car is a great way to make a statement. Here are some ideas and tips for decorating a wedding car:

  1. Flower arrangements:
    • Flowers are a popular choice for decorating a wedding car. Be it flower bouquets on the front of the car, flower bouquets on the sides of the doors or flower crowns on the mirrors - the right choice will make the car romantic and festive.
  2. Fabrics and ribbons:
    • Flowing fabrics and ribbons can add an elegant and airy look to a wedding car. White or pastel fabrics work great with the wedding theme, but you can also choose colors that match your wedding color palette.
  3. Ribbons and playful elements:
    • Some couples prefer to add funny or playful decorations to the car, such as "Just Married" signs or ribbons on the back of the car. These are fun elements that add a playful mood to your wedding day.
  4. Thematic decorations:
    • If your wedding has a specific theme or style, you might consider decorating your car to match that theme. For example, seashells or sand pearls can be used to decorate the car in a seaside wedding.
  5. Safety first:
    • When decorating a wedding car, it is important to ensure that the decorations do not distract the driver or hide important parts such as the license plate or lights. Make sure everything is properly secured and secure.
  6. Consult the rental company:
    • Before decorating the car, talk about your ideas with the rental company. Some companies may offer a trim service or be careful with certain trims to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Decorating a wedding car is a fun and creative process that will add a special touch to your day. Whether the decorations are simple or complex, make sure they reflect your personal style and the theme of the wedding and bring out the beauty and elegance of the wedding car.

Tips for Readers When Renting a Wedding Car

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Wedding car hire is an important part of your special day. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we've put together some practical tips to help you make the best choice and ensure a smooth experience.

  1. Early booking:
    • This is a popular service, especially during the season. To get exactly the car you want, book it as early as possible.
  2. Budgeting:
    • Set a budget for wedding car hire and keep that in mind when looking for different deals. In addition to the rental price, consider decorations, a driver and other possible additional costs.
  3. Reading reviews:
    • Research the reputation of the rental company by reading reviews from previous customers. This will help you get a better idea of ​​the quality of service and customer experience.
  4. Test drive:
    • If possible, visit the rental company in person and see the car before renting. Sometimes the reality is different from the catalog images.
  5. Clear communication:
    • Communicate clearly with the rental company about your needs and expectations. This ensures that the service you choose meets your expectations.
  6. Backup plan:
    • While no one wants to think about what happens if something goes wrong, it's good to think about a plan B. Find out what the rental company's policies are regarding car replacements, cancellations, and refunds.
  7. Additional services:
    • Many wedding car rental companies offer additional services such as car decoration or champagne in the car. Find out what additional options the company offers to make your day even more special.

Accurate planning and clear communication with the rental company ensure that the chosen service is a smooth and memorable experience. We hope these tips will help you make the best choice and enjoy your big day to the fullest!


Wedding car hire is an important detail that helps make your special day perfect. Whether you're looking for a luxury limousine, a historic classic, or a playful convertible, it's important to know what to expect when renting. Through this blog post, we've given you an overview of the different types and styles of wedding cars, rental prices, rental contracts and terms, driver and service considerations, wedding car decorating ideas, and finally some practical tips to help you make an informed decision. We hope this guide will help you make the best choice and make your big day even more special.

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